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As always, please read this description before asking questions!!! This is a video of our yard haunt on Halloween 2009. We do it all ourselves, I make most of the masks and props used in the haunt. Check out the site at

It was pretty cold this year. The last 2 years we had great weather. Cool and calm. This one was very windy, and cold. TOT'ers seemed to quit around 9pm! Usually people are still out til 10 or 11 even. Musta been the cold that drove em home.

Quick rundown of how we did this...people start in our hood very early. The daylight would not allow us to provide a good haunt in the walk through, so we basically wandered around like we used to do before we started the walk through in 2008. Then at dark, we opened up the haunt. So anyways, here are some issues I wish to address...

1) This haunt, as well as the rest of them (aside from 2005), were all in Taylor, Michigan. A few different houses due to moving quite a bit, but always in Taylor. I hope to move to a house with land and possibly a barn ASAP. Then we could hold an actual haunt for more than just one day a year! Until then, we'll be in Taylor I'm most certain.

2) The video pretty much sucks for quality. I bought a new camera, and it has no night shot, and the light on it is only good for less than 10 feet away. Garbage. And the other cam didn't have it's night shot turned on until late in the night, so we got about 10 minutes of night shot video. So basically, most of the video is dark, and/or blurry. Oh well. Maybe we'll get a really good camera someday, and can put out some really badass video! At any rate, I still have to thank the camera crew for their help. Without them, no video. :D You know who you are.

3) The songs used in this video are as follows, and in the order they appear in the video...Mogwai - "We're No Here" then Manson with "This is Halloween" and lastly, Type o Negative with "Wolf Moon."

4) Freddy's glove was NOT metal. It was the better looking plastic version sold in the stores. If it were to bump anyone, it would just break, not stab. :)

5) The electric chair ran all night. We let peeps sit in it to ride the lightning. The seat vibrates, a siren sounds, a beacon flashes, strobe lights activate, and fog comes from under the seat, and through the head gear, all at the flip of a switch. I also had an electrical hum playing on an amp under the platform, but the CD player kept f'n up. Just a snafu to work on for next year I guess.

6) We had a LOT of people show up. The line to walk through the haunt got so long at times, we had to just let them come through one after the other. We started out doing groups, but the line kept growing.

7) If I think of anything else, I'll add it here. If you have any questions, please leave a comment! Enjoy!

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